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Bahareh Rahimi, Donut

Bahareh Rahimi, Donut

Bahareh Rahimi

Donut, 2022

Gemälde, Acryl

51 x 36cm

gerahmt, signiert, datiert

Bahareh Rahimi, *1988, Iran. Bachelor in Painting, Soore Art University / Iran. lives and works in Vienna, shows her presence as an emancipated young woman in enigmatic tableaux. She studies at Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna. She paints abstract and figurative with Acrylic on Canvas, Cardboard, Paper, Wood in different dimensions. || 2023 Parallel Vienna Art fair; 2022 Miettinen Collection | Salon Dahlmann, Berlin; 2022 Parallel Vienna Art fair; 2022 Group Exhibition, Gallery Hilger Next, Vienna; 2022 Most wanted Female Art Auction and online Exhibition; 2021 Parallel Vienna Art fair; 2020 14th Young art Auction and online Exhibition; 2018 XPosit exhibition, Vienna; 2017 Saye Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Bahareh Rahimi
Artcare Rechte Bahngasse 30-32 1030 Wien
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Enddatum 30/11/2023 12:50
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Bahareh Rahimi, Donut