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Hoseynali Ramezani, ohne Titel

Hoseynali Ramezani, ohne Titel

Hoseynali Ramezani

Ohne Titel, 2019

Mischtechnik auf Papier
(Stift, Bleistift, Wachsmalstift, Filzstift)

35cm x 25cm

signiert, gerahmt


Humans and animals made of the same texture and soul as flowers. Their skin, flesh, fur, bones and clothes are all made of the same substance; painting. The painter entangles his line and creates the skin of a body and the horns of an animal of that same substance. He then moves on to create the sky, and continues until the entire image is made of a singular substance. He diminishes dimensions, and much like the flowers, dominates the paper’s universe. (Shabahang Tayyari)


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Hoseynali Ramezani, geboren 1954 in Naein, Isfahan. Lebt und arbeitet in Karaj, Iran. Einzelaustellung: 2020, "Domesticated Flowers", Delgosha Galerie, Teheran, Iran
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Hoseynali Ramezani, ohne Titel

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