Michaela Kessler, ohne Titel

Michaela Kessler, ohne Titel

Michaela Kessler

ohne Titel, 2021


70cm x 50cm

signiert, datiert, gerahmt


„Blue Collection“ is an one ongoing project consisting of several single positions.

Bodies grow intuitively with individual strokes of the biros, taking up space and spreading out. Through drawing, sculptural fashion objects, performance and the interrelation of short stories, different body scenarios emerge. The visual expression is found through a sensual approach such as feeling, sensing, smelling or tasting one‘s own body. The resulting sensation and body feeling is captured in the moment and put into a visual form. Over a certain period of time, various bodily sensations are created which then steadily grow into forms and thus form independent bodies.

Biro plays a central role in the process of capturing the moment. As with scribble next to telephone calls or sketching with other thoughts in mind, biro is used for impulse snapshots and as an emotional processing method.

In the process, female body is reinterpreted and reinvented by itself. providing landscape relatable narratives, shaped by time and space.

Michaela Kessler, *1994 in Hohenems (Vorarlberg, Austria). Lives/works between Linz and Zürich. | Education: University of Art and Design Linz: 2017 - 2023 Fine Arts; 2018 - 2022 Fashion&Technology; 2013-2014 Vienna Art School | Through my work I explore the boundaries of corporality and not yet existing, imaginary worlds. My sensual approach questions concepts of contemplation, naturalness of norms applying to body and truth, in fields that link design, materials and art. I am a realist reflecting on impossible things, critiquing existing structures through utopian ideas, longing to invent by copying from nature.
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Manner Villa | Klampfelberggasse 2/4 | 1170 Wien
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Michaela Kessler, ohne Titel

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