Carla García Castelló, Little clown on a sink

Carla García Castelló, Little clown on a sink

Carla García Castelló

Little clown on a sink, 2022

Öl auf Leinwand


92cm x 73cm x 0,7cm


Part of the series “When I grow up, I want to be a peanut again”.

Through this painting I propose a game similar to the "find the differences" that we played as children. I present the image of a clown's bathroom, and starting from this point it is the will of each one that will allow you to see all the clues to find out all the characteristics related to the circus figure. I pretend to play but also to reflect the lack of movement that characterizes adult life, as in this “When I grow up, I want to be a peanut again” series i aim to portray my daily life but from the perspective of my infant self.

Carla García Castelló (Lleida, 2002) is a 20-year-old Fine Arts student who is currently in her third year of bachelor’s degree (Barcelona, ​​Spain), but is also in an Erasmus stay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she is continuing her studies in the painting specialization. Even though being an emergent artist, she has already participated in several collective exhibitions and collaborated with local art festivals such as "Mostra d'arts visuals: Montbriart" (Montbrió, 2021), "Composicion X" (Tarragona, 2021), "Street Art : 26 March (Reus, 2022), "Cultureusfest" (Reus, 2022), "Mostra d'arts visuals: Montbriart" (Montbrió, 2022), among others. She describes herself as a very observant and thoughtful person, always questioning the sociocultural, familiar, and, in general, anthropological factors of her environment. Her work stems from wanting to know, wanting to define and wanting to classify the conditioning aspects of her childhood, in order to later understand the reason for her presentation now as an adult. Through research and analysis, she studies the gender roles taught in her childhood, as well as the family hierarchy and the roles of power through the symbology of the imaginary. Later on she compares this research with how these behavior patterns are interrupted and forced to metamorphose when a vital event breaks the established canon, events such as illness (Carla's father suffered from lung cancer and a year later she suffered from two consecutive breast tumors), the queer spectrum (Carla's dance between gender and its aspects, and how this interrupts the thread of the traditional family), etc. All this speech is materialized by two action processes; the first is through research based on a material, digital, written and photographic archive and its alteration, and the second is the pictorial materialization of this archive through painting.
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Carla García Castelló, Little clown on a sink

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