Alex Koksar, Umi no nami

Alex Koksar, Umi no nami

Alex Koksar

Umi no nami, 2023

Grafik Multiple / Digitaldruck auf Papier
Digitalisierte Handzeichnung. Hochwertiger Druck auf hochwertigem Papier.
Auflage 2+1

84cm x 119cm x 1mm

signiert, datiert

Alex Koksar, *1991 is an artist based in Vienna and has been studying art at the Vienna University of Applied Arts since 2017. The main directions of creativity are post-digital primitivism and post-conceptual art. The media used are drawing, graphics, painting, post-digital painting and graphics, video, animation, text. In his works, the artist combines visual, artistic research, performative and lecture practices. The artist’s creative method is based on intertextuality, realized through quotes, allusions, parody quotation, irony and post-irony. By blending different historical and cultural contexts in his works, Alex Koksar provides alternative views on art history and cultural history in general.
€ 1.500 - 2.000
Manner Villa | Klampfelberggasse 2/4 | 1170 Wien
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Alex Koksar, Umi no nami

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