Hirooki Hatori, Her

Hirooki Hatori, Her

Hirooki Hatori

Her, 2022

Tusche, Wasser- und Aquarellfarbe auf Papier

24 x 17 cm (gerahmt 32,5 x 23,5 cm)



Hirooki Hatori, *1996, Fukushima, Japan, 2016 Graduated at the Sunhwa Art High School, Solo Exhibitions 2022 浸触-erosion-forest of color(Hakt&co./Tokyo,Japan ) 2021 浸触-erosion-(Gallery PUNIO/Tokyo,Japan ) Group Exhibitions 2021 renovation (Gallery conceal/Tokyo,Japan) To describe his attitude toward expression in one word, "erosion" would be an apt description. By entering into the models as naturally as water soaking into the soil, he creates a more intimate moment than an exchange of words. The expression created through this process, in which he and the model are mixed together, leaves the viewer with a deep sense of relief, and gives them the passion to face the next step forward. (Written by Sora Hoshino, Galerist of Gallery PUNIO)
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Hirooki Hatori
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Hirooki Hatori, Her

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