Ali Zare, Sheltering Sky

Ali Zare, Sheltering Sky

Ali Zare

Sheltering Sky, 2023

Öl auf Papier

100cm x 70cm

signiert, datiert, gerahmt


In the realm of artistic expression, the human body has always been a profound subject, serving as a canvas for exploring the depths of emotions, identities, and experiences. In this captivating exhibition, we delve into the realms of body transfiguration and the boundless concept of freedom.
Each stroke of paint on the canvas, each brush of color, is an invitation to embark on a journey of transformation, where the physical form becomes a vessel for profound change. Through the interplay of light and shadow, texture and form, these artworks capture the essence of metamorphosis, allowing the human body to transcend its limitations and embrace a newfound liberation.
This collection of paintings serves as a celebration of the ever-evolving nature of our beings, exploring the diverse aspects of transformation that define us. It examines the delicate dance between self-discovery and the breaking of societal constraints, as individuals step into their authentic selves, shedding the layers of expectation and embracing their truest essence.
In these artworks, you will witness the fluidity of gender, the defiance of societal norms, and the power of personal growth. Bodies intertwine, stretch, and contort, reflecting the courage to challenge preconceived notions of beauty, gender roles, and the confinement of physical limitations. With every stroke of the brush, the artist unravels the infinite possibilities that lie within our corporeal existence.
This painting is an exploration of freedom—a testament to the limitless potential that lies within us all. It invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about the complexities of identity, the pursuit of self-expression, and the emancipation found in embracing our true selves.


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Ali Zare is an Iranian Visual artist who was born in Yazd, Iran. He studied at the Faculty of Art and Architecture and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Painting. Since 2016 he has been living in Vienna, Austria, and currently studies Contextual painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Zare works with different topics which mostly include psychology and sociology. He intertwines these topics with his daily life experiences as a questioning individual and as an artist.
Ali Zare
PARALLEL 2023 | Otto Wagner Areal | Baumgartner Höhe 1 | 1140 Wien
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Ali Zare, Sheltering Sky